Friday, May 18, 2012

Dream Teen Drama Queen

There are those times when we all become overly emotional. For me, this will entail whenever I get to see to see my dad, when I reread The Book Thief as I do every Christmas, when I watch movies like Million Dollar Baby and when I'm being choked by assessment time at school. One of these reasons occurs a lot more frequent than the others and it certainly is not Christmas. It's school my dear people, school.

It's that time of buggery again and I'm sad to say it, but due to my desire to become something other than a McDonalds' manager commitment to study, I will not be blogging for a while. Four weeks, to be precise. So while I'm sure that my one follower will certainly miss me, here's a playlist to help temporarily forget your (my) troubles. Stop being a drama queen and dream.

Have a lovely weekend. This is Sarah, the girl with a top knot, signing out for now- but not forever.

Update: (Saturday 19 May) I now have two followers!

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