Friday, June 29, 2012

A Tribute to the Floppy Disk

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If you are not aware of what a floppy disk is, this blog may be unsuitable for your eyes. Ergo, you are either too young, too old, or just in all sincerity, a noob. Floppy disks were what we used before the Universal Station Bus (USB) arrived and they worked a treat when computers still liked to eat them.

While I am not wishing for a revival of the dear old floppy, I do think I feel fond of them as they remind me of simpler times when the world seemed to be a brighter place. I know my generation is growing up and I am constantly astounded when I think of younger individuals never knowing of a world without iPods and microblogging. Doesn't that blow your mind? Dear floppy, thank you for being a memento for a different time and for what almost seems like a different place. Change is undeniable in the circle of life and sometimes, great things do go extinct. Take the dinosaurs and the floppy disks.

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