Sunday, August 5, 2012


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Please, I don't understand. How is it that neon is back? That peplums are even considerable as a feature of clothing? That Instagramming everything has become the norm?

Neon was cool for a brief period in 2005 and in that crazy era that we call the 'eighties' but it never lasted, just as I suspect that this phase won't. As for peplums, for those who don't know, there is one predominant cause of these fashionable entities. To enlargen a woman's waist. Yes, that is what is up with our youth. Additionally, one year ago, I had Instagram. No one would follow me as none of my friends and/or their friends had it then. No one would join it for my sake. One year ago, the majority of the current trends would have been mocked if someone had dared practise them.

Yet here we are, moving desperately as a pack in our vans and skinny jeans, shouting "YOLO" to defend our mindless actions. Four years ago, the common acronym of choice would have been "LOL". Dafuq is up with this? A decade ago, no one spoke in degrading txt speak either. No. No one had Facebook or any of these other useless networks to constantly bombard others with their self promoting material. I swear that leopard print keeps reappearing too, whenever it seems that fashion designers cannot fulfil their careers and DESIGN SOMETHING NEW.

If there is any consistency in trends, it's in that some like to reappear. Again. And again. Just when you thought high waisted anything was truly rectified, there it was in 2010, dictating the waistbands of girls' jeans. And did I mention leopard print?

Being a young person, it also appears mandatorily within my discourse to follow these perplexing patterns in society. Apparently all teens have an automatically installed desire to be overwhelmingly cool. And in this, cool is supposed to be monotonous slavery to the current and now. That's what they tell me.

How about if I said no? That I couldn't care to follow the neon coloured flock of sheep? That I'll wear what I like, listen to what I like, watch what I like, etc. I am the girl with a top knot, not because top knots are supposedly trendy but because it just is an amazingly easy hair style to fall back upon for someone with an erratically wild mane like mine. I don't want to follow the trends in the now. Yet in doing this I am now following a anti-mainstream crowd thanks to the hipster wave.

I just cannot win.

The thing is, I could not care for being hipster either. Let me clarify myself. I could not give a flying fuck about trends. No. What I do care about is what I enjoy and what I like, whether it be trendy or not. In my very humble opinion, contemporary society would improve exponentially if all were to adopt this attitude. I am calling for a revolution people. It's called FTYOLO. Fuck trends, you only live once. Be sure to place this as a hashtag in your tweets and pins... this movement will be the next big thing.

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