Friday, October 19, 2012

Greek it Up

via the guardian

If I was somehow forced into a time machine and pinged back into an ancient civilisation, I think I would totally check some Ancient Greece. They seemed like pretty cool and clever people, they came up with all kinds of things that I appreciate now, like democracy and the Olympics. Now everyone can vote and compete in both politics and athletics; that's nice. Ancient Greece was also the birthplace of other not so popular things like pythagoras (I like you pythagoras).

They also developed astronomy to a mind blowing level, considering they didn't have Google. Ponticus was the first to propose that Earth rotated about on an axis and Eratosthenes actually estimated the Earth's circumference quite accurately using the angles of SHADOWS. Don't ask me how this works, because I have no idea.

Other things the Great Greeks gave us: plumbing, medicine and vending machines. These people were tops.

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