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LSP Forever

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A while ago, one of my daily stalks Rookie uploaded a fabulous article about one of my all time favourite fictional characters, Lumpy Space Princess. For me, it was almost like a disney dream come true. Rookie + LSP = Christmas in September for Sarah. No joke, I squealed with glee when I saw the title of the post. I promise you reader, I'll explain why I love Rookie another day. Right now, I am going to fangirl over Lumpy Space Princess.

If you have never experienced the pleasure of viewing Jake the dog's and Finn the human's antics in Cartoon Network's Adventure Time, you simply have not tasted pure joy. This show which first debuted in 2010, is a vivid cartoon which is set in the magical kingdom of Oo. I warn you, it is weird. It's wonderfully weird. You may scoff at my choice of optimum TV given that I hit double digits in my age a while ago; although as a friend of mine once said, there is  so much appeal for older audiences as Finn and Jake speak like teenagers from the 90s. As anyone in Gen Y will tell you, I was yours at 90s.

Adventure Time explores all sorts of themes, like friendship and power and magic and it's always awesome fun. Finn and Jake interact with lots of interesting characters, including the lolly people (Peppermint Butler, Cinnamon Bun) and the many princesses (Princess Bubblegum, Hot Dog Princess, Turtle Princess, etc.) My favourite princess and character is you guessed it, LSP. Who is this woman, you demand to know. SHE is a levitating purple cloud that speaks in a jaded Valley Girl tone. Everything she says is an instant catchphrase, such as 'oh my glob', 'drama bomb' and 'lump off'. However, with an LSP catchphrase, it also appears as mandatory to say it in her fruity twang. It's all in the tone man. Just try to listen to anything she says without bursting into spontaneous laughter. All credit for this brilliant persona goes to Pendleton Ward, the show's creator, who I imagine to be right up there with certain voice gods like Christian Bale in Howl's Moving Castle and Seth Green.

LSP is a sassy gal with top confidence, although as revealed in later episodes, there are more layers to her exterior sass. She can also be quite sensitive (as shown above) and also quite passionate. If there's one thing that LSP is, it's passionate. She's passionate about her lumps, her school's weekly promcoming dance and she's passionate about life in general.

LSP is also a fantastic story teller. One always feels inclined to exclaim "oh my glob", when her dramatic retellings of her romance with ex boyfriend Brad. My favourite episode personally, is one where she is isolated in the wilderness and is taken in by wolves. LSP tells Jake and Finn about it, saying that "the Mama wolf was all like, 'we must take care of her, as if she were our own'. And the papa wolf was like 'this is a special child who needs special love because she's gonna be great when she grows up'".
When hearing her recount of the event, Finn asks if they were talking wolves. "No," she replies. "They were normal wolves. I knew what they were thinking because of their body language."

 The only complaint I have to make about Adventure Time is that LSP only appears in some episodes. When she does appear though, she makes the show. I guess she just adds to a long tradition of minor characters dominating their protagonist's narrative - just like in Princess Bride and South Park. Here's to LSP- may she continue to be as enlightening in further episodes.

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