Saturday, February 2, 2013

Top Knot Issue #2

The blood, sweat and tears of a towering top knot went into this. The Top Knot Issue zine of January 2013 is centred about (woah drumroll) beginnings. Yes, I do own a Gregorian calendar and I am able to understand it and I do happen know it is February already. To you I say, bah. Humbug. The February zine will appear in due time, but why not enjoy lovely little January?

 Inside are an assortment of tidbits exploring the new, acknowledging the old and just existing an excellent mutha 'ucker of totally raw print. Everything is new, unknown, foreign and just beginning or at the least, new to me and/or you. There's some little and some ample self realisations, a shiteload of reviews and a good solid amount of purty piccies. No. 2 holds close links to her younger sister in upholding some Top Knot family traditions. Although the zine has expanded, literally. Now A5 size, and now spanning over 28 pages (not including front and back covers). Take a peek.

Oh, you wanted to peek at the whole thing? Stride ahead my friend and clicky, it's absolutely 100% free. This is your favourite bunned belle Sarah, signing out. Kisses

PS. A more printer ideal version is coming. Wooooh kthnxbai

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