Thursday, May 10, 2012

Hello World

As an Australian 90s kid, I was seriously uncool as I had not seen the very much acclaimed Saddle Club. I hadn't even lived in Australia for most of my life, let alone watched the a la mode of children's television. When I finally did experience attending school, the group of girls that I was friends with always wanted to play Saddle Club. They would stand together in serious discussion and I would nod at appropriate intervals without ever actually contributing. The distribution of parts would finally be  executed by a couple of strong headed individuals and being the black one, I always had to be Carol (the black one).

 I guess I should be grateful that I was even given the part of a human- some of the other girls had to be lone galloping horses and were constantly reminded by others to neigh. However, I still felt resentful about this game. I couldn't do anything right as Carol- I was too quiet, I could never imitate her American accent and I didn't know shit about horses. I didn't feel like a Carol, whoever on earth she was. This strange phenomenon named Saddle Club repulsed me.

Yet when I finally did watch the show, I adored it. Everything I had missed in my childhood was there: horses, horse riding children and horse related drama! Occasionally, there'd be a boy or two but who cared about those XY chromosome eggheads? THE HORSES WERE WHERE IT WAS AT.

Funnily enough, Carol ended up being my favourite character. After this, I could now move on in life, free of vengeance as those child racists were no longer an issue to me.

So without further ado, I feel that I can now introduce myself. I'm Sarah, the girl with a top knot.
Hello world.


  1. To true! I always had to be the evil chick that everyone hated (Victoria, Veronica?). It sucked.

    1. Veronica. I remember the kids always gave her part to some blonde bitch that no one liked.

    2. That's not to say that your friends didn't like you. I don't know. Did they? No matter. I like you Erika. Children are stupid anyway.