Thursday, May 10, 2012

I'm Surrounded by Idiots

I know how you feel Scar. Don't get me wrong, I am not the most knowledgable person I know. In fact, my brain functions a little differently to the normal person's, and I live for immature sexual innuendoes. However I do possess a moderate intelligence and I cringe at some of my peers at school, work, on the street and especially on the internet. Sometimes I feel as if euthanasia should be compulsory for individuals with lower IQs than a certain point.
You may think that some people can't help it. They did not choose to be mentally challenged. Bitch please. Sure, some individuals have legitimate illnesses, were not blessed with the privilege of education, etc. They are not stupid. I am talking about individuals are genuinely moronic.

Exhibit A:
Discussing ethics of organ transplants. Dolt of a girl completely opposes it, arguing that organ transplants should not be performed in order to solve overpopulation.  She asserts that we "should go back to medieval times" and just let people die. Why bother finding the cure to cancer?
Please note that she was sincere, not mocking.

I can only take so much stupidity before I feel so overwhelmed with concern for humanity in general. Should I chortle at their absurdness or weep in despair for our obvious doom?
How can I blame such individuals when we have utter boobs like these in parliament?

This all shall puzzle me until the very end of my existence.


  1. Like idiots who wear top knots and think they look good?

    1. Oooh Anonymous don't say things like that: you might hurt my top knot's feelings.