Friday, May 11, 2012

The Weekend, A Love Story

The Weekend, A Love Story from thegirlwiththetopknot on 8tracks. Cover art found via WeHeartIt. (I'm not sure of the original source - if this is your's and you don't want it up here, just let me know!)

My dear old dad is more fluent in txt speak than I am. He once texted Mum from the other side of the world, moaning about work and colleagues. It was neat to see he had inscribed a large TGIF at the the end. He knew that abbreviation long before I did, the hip bastard. Who says old dogs can't be cool?
(Me. Saying TGIF is not cool- but I'll still give Vati a point for his know how.)

Now here are two things that will go together nicely: music and the weekend. I love compiling playlists- so I will be celebrating my two rest days with one thing I adore. Happy Friday lovelies- have a wonderful weekend.

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