Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Losing my Virginity to Flight of the Conchords (My Concert Virginity)

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If the title didn't reveal enough for you, can I honestly doubt your mentality? I kid, but you may already question the legitimacy of my existence if I only just witnessed my first concert and that it was a couple of eccentric Kiwi blokes. If you are not aware of who these men are, I suggest that you immediately head to your local video store and take out a copy of Season 1 of their show.  That's Flight of the Conchords - with an 'h'. I like to think that there two types of people that are in this world, those who can appreciate the finer humour of this show and those  who cannot begin to comprehend it. I shall fail fantastically at my attempt to describe, but it's the same kind of awkward humour that Napoleon Dynamite had combined with catchy tunage and New Zealander accents.

It's wonderfully quirky. I remember when the show was first aired in Australia (four or five years ago?) I was instantly mesmerised. Perhaps it's for individuals who will never reach the ultimate level of maturity and that are just lewse because often the show is just fanatically random in its flow. With that in mind, this duo definitely will be loved by the better half of humanity. Personally, I think FOTC is bloody excellent. It was just too sad that the boys never continued beyond Season 2; although there have been rumours of a revival: there may be a potential film on our hands.

I saw them recently in the Brisbanian leg of their Australian tour. If there is one matter that I am absolutely positive of, it is that this concert was potentially one of the best nights that I have ever had in my short life. I know you may have expertise on Siddartha Gautama's enlightenment that led him to the founding of Buddhism. While at this show, I reached a strange kind of conclusion (of course incomparable to Sid's). I was there at this show with two of my closest friends whom I had befriended at the beginning of high school. We had revelled in everything FOTC then and now here we were towards the end of our schooling careers, still together and here and reunited with our idols of comedy at this concert. I don't think I could provide a review worth reading about them as I'll probably be gushing (I am gushing) but whatever, it was fabulous. The boys performed some old favourites, but they also did some newbies which were just superb. Did I mention that their opening act was dear old Arj? He was quite splendid as well. I honestly walked out with a sore jaw from chortling so much.

For providing me with a such wonderful night, I'd like to give Flight of the Conchords four and a half stars. Thank you Brett and Je'maine for your presence as comedic gods.


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