Wednesday, September 5, 2012

The Utterly Damned

The Beautiful and Damned is another novel that can surmised as another disappointment to Sarah in the world of classics. I'm sorry Fitzgerald fans, I really am. I just have no interest of reading into the oh so terrible lives of Anthony and Gloria. Shit son, living with an allowance off your grandfather and going to parties every night must be SO toilsome. It must be; Anthony keeps moaning about it! And so, #firstworldproblems enters a new dimension.

Perhaps this book would require another reading in order for me to vaguely stand it but I'd need a lot of rehab time to recover before reattempting it. The thing is, I'd like to give a full review for it, but it has taken me almost two months to reach page 310. There are now 50 pages left and I am rejoicing in what I have dubbed as an apparent achievement.

So no review for now... I'll let you know of my final feelings of it. It did improve after the first agonising 100 pages. I only really now have 50. Persistence is key. Although for any of you who know me in all actuality, you'll know that I cannot leave a book unfinished. It just disturbs all rules of my natural demeanour. Oh and Serena van der Woodsen, you have awful taste in literature.

 I've noticed that I've abandoned my blog for almost a month. Many apologies from this end, I have just been striving through significant work for my last year of high school. Ever. Can you tell I'm excited? Well. No regular blogging can be promised sadly as this chick has some mad academia to make her bitch for the next week. GTK shall be updated when possible, with awesome ass content. I just cannot state when. KTHNXBAI

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