Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Doing it in Style: Anklet Me

Over here in the southern hemisphere, summer has arrived. Sweat inducing, sunburn spreading, humid and hazy summer has arrived. In such weather, less clothes are in call. This means more exposure of flesh and more notably, of leggy leggy leggy legs. Why not decorate your fine stems with little anklets? If you are like me, this activity will lend a way to temporarily escape your easily found boredom and to possibly start conversation (especially when near girls - bitches love anklets). If you are clever, you may use this as a way of producing cash (again, bitches love anklets). I don't know and I don't care how you'll use this information, but here. Let me show you.

1. You'll need three bits of embroidery thread, each approximately 1.4 metres long (this is a rough figure, you may change it to suit). You can find floss easily at a craft store or have a dig in your local Vinnies. Cut them in half. You should now have six threads.

2. Lay them all out together. Tie a knot about 4cm from the top. Do a double knot, it'll be more secure.

3. Now separate your strands. Grab one, and using this fine individual, tie a knot around the rest of its brothers.

4. Repeat step 3, nine more times. Or however many times you want. I am not the knotting police, I don't actually care. Whatever. After this, separate the strands into three (you may do it in colours if you wish) and then braid it until it is long as your knotted section.

 5. Repeat steps 3-4 until you reach your desired length. Finally, tie a concluding double knot just like your initial double knot. Trim off excess floss.

6. Tie around your ankle. Done! Now go my son, go create more anklet children. You may adapt this technique to create bracelets, shoelaces, headbands, etc. Just don't use it to floss your teeth, because that is just nasty.

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