Monday, December 10, 2012

What is Life? What is Blogging?

Hello blogtopia. Miss me? I missed you. Well, I lie. I didn't really, I just experienced strange pangs of guilt whenever I suddenly thought of you. In the whole week since I spoke to you, I could have written, but I just didn't. In a sense I feel like I shouldn't be immersed in such emotion. This is MY blog. I own you. These roles cannot and should not be reversed. Besides, I have close to no faithful followers that I know of.

I also have felt peculiar when indulging in my latest addiction, Tumblr. I do still keep my prior view that Tumblr is one of the many greatly useless predicaments of our generation and yet now I am a constant scroller and reblogger. My life is proving again and again to be a fucking paradox; I do this also when I am a vegetarian that only wears leather but loves it and I contradict myself in basically everything else I do. While I am posting images of interest on the other site, I keep thinking of you, dear blog, you with your great many rambling and ageing posts and melancholiness almost eats me. After about a month of tumbling down Tumblr, I have gained 14 followers, a step up from my 3 followers on Blogger. This is not quite at my Pinterest fanbase, but what I can say. Pinners be batshit crazy.

Sometimes I feel like I am not worthy of a blog. Blogs are for interesting people with interesting lives and do interesting things. I mean, just look at Tavi GenisonLeandra Medine, Kobi Blake-Craig... 
However on second thoughts, I think that this may be false. Blogging is for people with internet connections and a genuine interest in what lies in cyberspace. Blogs are not really for individuals who are necessarily fascinating. They are for people with captivating things to exclaim to the digital world and who are able to express themselves fabulously. (Yay being articulate) Blogs are for everyone and they are outlets for us, the next best thing to a battered journal or a wall in a public toilet. The world may not actually care about what you have to proclaim. Yet that should never matter. Sometimes you may need to publicly declare something, if only to yourself.  

I can fulfil this criteria. I can talk needlessly about topics of questionable relevancy even if no one will listen. I didn't start my blog for a group of readers, I started it for me. Even I resemble something like a digital ranting stranger usually found in the depths of public transport that obnoxiously notify you of their conspiracy theories, I am sorry. This is my domain and I welcome you into it. Just brace yourselves. I am a bloggress out to satisfy herself and not always you with my keyboard. Selfish, I know. Coerce all of your friends, family and crazy fellow public transport riders to religiously follow me and I might change my mind. Maybe. Tata, I must dash off into the material world. 

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