Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Literally the Best Thing Ever: Fairy Bread

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What's covered in rainbow sprinkles and is full of happiness and magic? What fills anyone with a fulfilled upbringing with nostalgia?

This treat is as equally scrumptious as it is picturesque; it's something that appeals to my visual snobbery and my taste palate. As a child, I used to scramble for fairy bread bread at birthday parties, shared lunches; anywhere that it was served, young Sarah would be there. I don't think I realised at the time how spiffing it was, I just took it as a given right. Now, the times I'll eat fairy bread are few and far between, but when consuming it, I'll give this splendid little fella the appreciation it needs. It makes me feel fuzzy inside now, as it bewitchingly seems to cast a rose coloured tint on everything in your environment. Fairy bread is like unicorns and good books, there is no limit to what happiness it can bring.

It is also ridiculously easy to fabricate. In fact, this sprinkled delight shits on most other sweet thangs in terms of simplicity and it has a making process that is genuinely enjoyable (get stuffed, actual cooking). So much so, it also appeals to my overt laziness and limited culinary ability. Anyone from a classified Iron Chef to a four year old can produce fairy bread, all it requires is some bread, butter, hundreds' and thousands' and a knife (plate optional- only if you would like to appear to be civilised).

  1. Spread butter onto bread, with coherence to personal preference of thickness of butter. I like mine thin, as I do not really want to taste it; I just want a mouth full of artificially coloured specks.
  2. Sprinkle coloured dots onto buttered bread. You can do this two ways, sensibly with delicacy or like you're reenacting a techni-coloured snow storm. The former is to be recommended if avoiding mess/suddenly transformed maniacal kitchen owners.
  3. Cut bread into fun shapes, e.g. triangles as illustrated above, or use cookie cutters and get down with creativity. This step is mandatory: to eat rectangular fairy bread like it is regular bread is just wrong. Urghh why would you suggest such a thing you horrible human being?
  4. Be filled with a great sense of nostalgia (if you are an old timer), then devour in your usual manner. Be amazed at how it wonderful it is.

You see? Fairy bread is literally the best thing ever.

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