Monday, December 10, 2012

Favourite Things Vol. 1

"You always say that," my sister noted.
"What?" I said.
"'It's my favourite'," she said. "Favourite what?"

We were watching a television commercial for some dolls. I forget the brand, but there were little girls commenting on how fabulous these plastic skanks were. My sister was right though. She was insultingly likening me to a six year old, but she was right. I like my favourites and I like exclaiming them to others. So in true Sezza fashion, I'd like to extend this pleasure to my blog. These are a few of my favourite things that have made my day.

Admittedly, twitter is one of the things I don't perceive a viable purpose for. It honestly is even more self indulgent than googling your own name. Yet sometimes, it pops out with some good stuff. You just have to look to Rihanna for some golden words of wisdom.

Seriously though, there is some magical stuff on twitter. Emma Watson, Simon Pegg and Barack Obama will show you that.

Twitter even illuminates ways in which trolls and haterz can further torment you. In such times, how should we react?

I'm considering creating a twitter account now, if only for the purpose of further seeking the silver lining in humanity's existence.

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